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Inventing the future

We are a hi-tech electrical engineering company with a mission to change the way society embraces water sports and transportation. Our team of skilled engineers, nautical enthusiasts, and progressive visionaries, designed and manufactured the revolutionary electric-powered and completely environmentally friendly personal hydrofoiling watercraft.


The next step in boating evolution

Quadrofoil understand the challenges the boating industry is facing - from propulsion efficiency to ecological awareness. Therefore we set a goal to produce vessels that set new milestones in design, energy efficiency, handling characteristics and eco-friendliness.

We have revolutionized the industry using high-technology, state-of-the-art engineering solutions and world-class design in creating the next generation of of eco-friendly and energy efficient watercrafts. Quadrofoil is on the forefront of vessels that are to change and define the future.


Our values

At Quadrofoil we believe that our actions today should reflect on the future of our children. Therefore, we decided to design and produce a watercraft that is absolutely environmentally friendly and produces no emissions, marginal noise, and only the tiniest of waves. Our aim is to create watercrafts with superior driving experience, exceptional design, unmatched performance and ultimate concern about the future of our environment. We envision a world where green technology will no longer be considered as technology of the future, but the standard for all new innovations and products to come..


The mission is clear

We aim to design and produce sustainable, green vessels that are the paragon of modern technology. From personal watercrafts to public and cargo transportation vessels, we strive to use our extensive knowledge for developing energy efficient, eco-friendly means of transport – focusing on exploiting the physics behind the hydrofoil technology.

What is missing?

Most cities struggle with pollution and overcrowded streets. While electric vehicles solve only one part of the problem, Quadrofoil offers a solution for not only the rising levels of air pollution, but also for the huge congestion problems in most cities.


The Quadrofoil solution

By transferring transport to un-crowded and fairly open waterways, we reduce the number of vehicles involved in the everyday city commute. This drastically reduces air pollution and also shortens the commute time by avoiding intersections and the ever-present traffic jams. 

Less vehicles also means more safety for pedestrian and light-electric vehicles, enabling cities to breathe and give their inhabitants a possibility to safely roam through the streets.


The future

One of the biggest and most important projects we are working on is developing frameworks for autonomous Quadrofoils, backed with a vessel-sharing platform, which will change the concept of intercity public and personal transportation. Our vision represents a 21st century solution for overcrowded streets and pollution in almost all major cities around the world, making Quadrofoil the number one choice for an eco-friendly and safe method of public and personal transportation.

Next major steps

  • The Quadrofoil 4-seater – suitable for personal and public transportation; car-like design that provides exceptional energy efficiency and ultimate safety and comfort.
  • A framework for autonomous Quadrofoils – equipped with a unique vessel detection system, capable of avoiding underwater obstacles and other vessels.
  • A vessel-sharing system and UBER-like concept, which will enable a quick and user-friendly choice for the everyday city commute.

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Marjan Rožman
President, CEO and co-founder
Simon Pivec
R&D director and co-founder
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Design director
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Head of Design
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