Q2S Electric Limited Edition

Our revolutionary
hydrofoiling watercraft

Meet the legend


Our Q2S Electric Limited Edition transcends the boundaries of sleek design and unmatchable technological features. It was the first watercraft we have presented on the market in a limited production amount of only 100 units, which were sold out within a few months.

Do not think it's just an upgrade of his twin brother the Quadrofoil Q2S Electric, it's got a soul of its own!
The one of kind golden-black color scheme will not stay unnoticed. Together with a spectacular graphic kit, the Q2S Electric Limited Edition will definitely turn heads when your cruising at incredible 40 km/h (21knots)!

It comes equipped with many additional features – from a special aft platform, to a pull-out string ladder and integrated electrical system for raising and lowering hydrofoils – giving the user a chance to experience the Quadrofoil Q2 in his best image.

Seen around the world in many biggest and most renowned boat shows – from Dubai to Singapore, Quadrofoil Q2S Electric Limited Edition paved the way for Q2S and Q2A Electric.



Zero Emission. Plenty of Excitement.

Quadrofoil is 100 % electrically powered by a very reliable industry standard battery with an integrated battery management system (BMS), which optimizes usage and charging. Together with our own, special electric motor, it delivers exceptional performance and plenty of excitement - without releasing any emissions.

Technical specification

Length (with outboard)3532 mm
Length (hull)2995 mm
Width (with foils)2593 mm
Height1276 mm
Total height (with foils)2085 mm
Total vessel weight335 kg
Total acceptable load170 kg
Max passenger weight2 x 75 kg
Max baggage weight20 kg

* Weight without foils and engine is approx. 270 kg.
** Range depends on different external conditions, such as wind direction and strength, water surface, etc.



Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
Front Alu hydrofoils
Aft Alu hydrofoils
Electric outboard motor QE 3.7 kW
Electric outboard motor QE 5.5 kW
5.2 kWh batteries
10.4 kWh batteries
BMS battery charger
Multi-function steering wheel
Speed and stop control on the steering wheel
Direction of travel on the steering wheel
Interactive color touch screen display
Kill switch with coil lanyard
GPS (position coordinates)
Range Meter
Position lights
Navigation lights
QFHM control system
Manual tilting device

Not available for Q2S Electric Limited Edition
Electric tilting device
Electrical system for lifting and lowering hydrofoils
Base line color seats
Rear-view mirrors
Anti-slip ribbed foot rests
Anti-slip entrance area
Cup holders
Front storage tray
Front tow hook
Aft U-ring mooring
Limited Edition graphic kit (DECALS)
Two life jackets
First aid kit
Collapsible Telescopic Paddle
Rear platform
Pull-out ladder
Transport cover
The vessel is in the process of conformity assessment



Spread your wings and fly

Experience an exhilarating air born feeling produced by our uniquely designed C-Foils that bring boat handling to a never before seen performance. Unique C-Shape hydrofoils allow the Q2 to rise above the surface of the water at just over 12 km/h (6.5 knots) and cut through the waves with complete ease.

The revolution is here

Every aspect of the Q2 was designed to give you a never before seen performance. So we need an electric motor that could go reach even higher and change the game. The result is one of the most advanced electric motors on the market that offers a totally new and exhilarating driving experience, which delivers an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride.

Touch of the future

Quadrofoil's user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The interactive color touch screen display is designed to start the vessel, set driving characteristics and to display all necessary information about the Q2 and the trip in real time. Every information you need at your fingertips.

Ultimate power supply

The Q2S is powered by two industry standard lithium-ion batteries with an integrated battery management system, which is designed to give you optimum power from the beginning to the end. Batteries can be easily charged using your standard 110V or 220V socket and a special charger provided by Quadrofoil

Unmatched performance and control

The patented steering system allows the driver to turn all four foils (rear foils turn opposite of the front foils) which keeps the vessel horizontal and ensures stability at all times.  This stability delivers "Go-Kart” agility, which provides for a thrilling and exhilarating driving experience.  The simultaneous control of all four foils and motor gives the Q2 an impressive steering radius of 7 meters (23 feet).

Design of the future

The state-of-the-art Q2S lightweight modular hull is built from composite materials and delivers flawless technical performance. Amazing design will not only turn heads wherever you appear, but will also keep you dry due to the airtight top module which makes the Quadrofoil Q2 practically unsinkable.

Flight mode ON

Forget about everything you've experienced until now. Forget about bumped knees and sore backs. Quadrofoil's cockpit is designed to provide you with high-end ergonomics inspired by the automotive industry. With all the basic functions within reach, you have complete control of every turn. 

The world in your hands

The race car inspired steering wheel was carefully crafted with a color touch screen display.  Its intuitive user interface provides exceptional control over the quick-responding Q2. And the best part is you can take it with you since it is also removable and linked to each Quadrofoil as a form of identification, and serves as the vessel's unique key.