Iztok Podkrižnik, CEO at Podkrižnik™:
"Quadrofoil Q2 is a vessel with the highest ecological standards that is keeping the world clean for the future generations and also provides all its users outstanding pleasure and excitement. Companies Podkrižnik™ and Quadrofoil share a common vision in developing environmentally friendly, top performance products. We are thus proud to be part of such an innovative story that has such a great potential."

Marjan Rožman, President and CEO at Quadrofoil:
"We aim to design and produce sustainable, eco-friendly vessels that are the paragon of modern technology. Teaming up with Podkrižnik™ brings us closer to achieving our mission - to design and produce vessels that are absolutely environmentally friendly and produces no emissions, marginal noise and only the tiniest of waves. Their expertise, knowledge and advanced technologies will help us achieve our common goals."