December 28, 2015 - Quadrofoil

Quadrofoil with a clear goal to (r)evolutionize the boating industry

The construction project will be carried out in two stages, wherein the final result will be a 22.000 m2 State-of-the-Art complex, which is expected to be finished in spring 2018 and will include production facilities, high-tech R&D center and lakes for testing. Construction of phase one 2.200 m2 production area is set to start in the beginning of 2016, while the first Quadrofoils made in the new facility will be shipped around the world in July 2016. The initial production capacity will be 100-300 vessels a month, whereas the final robotized production process will release around 1000 – 3000 hydrofoiling electric vessels each month. The entire investment is estimated at around € 35 million.

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