Unmatched performance

Ultimate performance
without compromise


Push the limits

Great thought and consideration was given to the user experience in the development of the Quadrofoil watercraft. The patented steering system was designed and engineered for drivers
who want a Go-Kart” agility that provides for a thrilling and exhilarating driving experience.

It enables a simultaneous control of all four foils (rear foils turn opposite of the front foils)
and the motor, which gives the Q2 an impressive steering radius of 7 meters (23 feet),
making it one of the most agile and responsive watercraft available today.


The electric revolution

Every aspect of the Q2 was designed to give you a never before seen performance. So we needed an electric motor that could reach even higher and change the game... so we made one. The result is one of the lightest electric motors on the market that offers a totally new and exhilarating driving experience and delivers an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride.

Sleek racing design with exceptional details is available in two version, each exceptionally complimenting the two models - Q2A Electric and Q2S Electric. The motor was designed and engineered to deliver flawless performance, while maintaining high-efficiency and constant power.


Next generation battery and BMS

Quadrofoil is powered by two industry standard Lithium‐Ion battery packs, located on each side of the vessels. They can be fully re-charged in 3 to 4 hours from a standard 110V/220V outlet.

A state-of-the art battery pack is controlled by a bespoke Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors every cell using advanced algorithms that makes sure your Quadrofoil has the optimum power from the beginning to the end.


Electric lifting and lowering system

You probably wonder what happens when you reach the shore and water is simply not deep enough? Well, our easy-to-use interface enables you to lift or lower the hydrofoils with just a push of a button. Not only does this feature come in handy in shallow waters, it will also look pretty cool!


An unforgettable experience

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